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Never fight for equipment again.

Our 3,500 square foot facility is divided into 8 sections ("Pods") and an indoor/ outdoor turf area that can be reserved for exclusive hourly access. 


Each Pod is equipped with all the equipment you need for a great workout:

  • Rack and platform

  • Olympic barbell

  • Hex bars

  • 300 lbs of bumper plates

  • Adjustable dumbbell block (up to 90 lbs)

  • Resistance bands and chains

  • Airdyne bike and rower

We also have over 1K square feet of turf for more functional training:

  • Plyo boxes

  • Dumbbells (up to 50 lbs)

  • Kettlebells (up to 44 kg)

  • Sled

  • Battle ropes

  • TRX A Frame

Socially Distanced by Design.

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